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Ex French PM Exposed In Kick Back Scandal Over Submarines Sold To Pakistan in the 90s



An Ex- French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur

An Ex-French Prime Minister might have used money from kickbacks taken from a submarine deal with Pakistan, as election campaigning fund.  The French Courts are now calling upon Edouard Balladur and an ex-defence minister Francois Leotard to face trial over the so-called “Karachi affair”, an inquiry related to alleged kickbacks in a mid-1990s submarine deal with Pakistan.

The Agosta class submarines were sold by the French government to Pakistan in the 1990s, and possibly had a series of middlemen and chain of kickbacks involved in the deal. This is now being investigated in detail by the French courts.

The conspiracy came to light post a 2002 suicide bomb attack in Karachi, Pakistan where 11 French nationals working on the submarine project were also killed along with locals. This seemed like a possible way of hiding the trail to the main deal which happened way back in the 1990s when Balladur was in power between 1993 and 1995. He fought for re-elections in 1995 and lost to the late Jacques Chirac.

Both have denied the charges of corruption.

This adds onto the list of corruption-related instances coming to light in the game of power. The most recent is of Trump where Democrats are now subpoenaing his administration for relevant documentation to rule out the current President of United States using his power to influence decision making from outside the States to win support towards the forthcoming elections. Earlier on, in Austria, under a sting operation, the coalition government saw a sudden fall. The charges were similar, kickbacks for election campaigning in return for some real estate contracts.  The country has re-elected earlier oust young Sebastian Kurz.

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