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“Express Burials” in Nicaragua: A hidden Coronavirus tragedy?



COVID-19 infections and deaths

Pick up trucks can be seen ferrying away the bodies for ‘express burials’ point towards a coronavirus tragedy being hidden by the Nicaragua government. 

Nicaraguan authorities are being accused of falsifying death certificates and ordering ‘express burials’. This is as the authoritative Nicaraguan regime is being blamed of attempting to the cover-up of the increasing death toll due to COVID-19 in Nicaragua.

The Central American country of 6.5 million people is struggling to keep afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic as the government neglected the warnings and attempted to down play the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Nicaraguan government has constantly ignored the social distancing recommendations and global health advisory regarding lockdowns. 

Express burials have become increasingly common in this Central America country where the relatives are also not waited for. This has raised suspicions as to whether the government is hiding the real extent of coronavirus tragedy in Nicaragua. 

As almost the entire world has come to a lockdown following the global health advisories for tackling COVID-19 pandemic, Nicaragua regime has constantly ignored it. President Daniel Ortega’s government has kept the schools and offices open, and country moving. 

Authorities are denying the spread of coronavirus infection in this small country, one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. The government insists that there are only 25 cases and 8 deaths so far, an unrealistic figure in view of the ‘express burials’ going on. 

These express burials are usually carried out at night by white-suited medical personnel, with paramilitary groups and police guarding the area nearby. The burials are said to be of people with respiratory illness – express burial is neither a norm nor a requirement for which. 

Reports from Nicaraguan Medical Unit say that till date 67 doctors and other healthcare workers have been infected of the coronavirus. The counts are based vaguely on X-rays and symptoms as tests are scarce and regulated by the government. 

Government is disregarding as the cases and deaths to be due to COVID-19 infection. Nicaragua has been a radical outlier from the days before pandemic. 

Ortega government is constantly reeling in that they are prepared for the virus, but the reports indicate otherwise. In April, Pan American Health Organization criticized the Nicaraguan government for inadequate pandemic prevention preparedness and control. 


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