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FBI Will Have To Prove Apolitical Work In 2016 US Election Investigations



President Donald Trump speaks to the press prior to departing the White House

A draft of the Inspector general’s report to be submitted with the Justice Department soon will probably prove that the FBI actually did not try and sabotage Mr. Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign by placing it under surveillance.

Trump was claiming that the FBI had purposely done so and therefore was implicating that Russia had a hand in falsify information and swinging online polls in favor of Mr. Donald Trump. The current President of the United States is joined by his supporters who claim that the FBI spied on his campaign and that former President Barack Obama ordered Trump’s phones to be tapped.  However, a detailed report with findings to be submitted by December 09 by the inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, is expected to undercut Trump’s claim that the FBI acted improperly while investigating several Trump associates starting in 2016.

It is so surprising that leaders in the FBI had no reason to be politically motivated to be working against the interest of Trump. However, what does go against them is the callousness with which they might have handled the wiretapping of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Trying to take the focus away from findings that Russia had helped in tilting the election polls in favor of Trump, the latter’s well wishes are finding loopholes in former investigations. It is, therefore, earlier this year that Attorney General William Barr could suggest to lawmakers that Trump’s campaign had in fact been spied on. Barr gave off a warning signal that he would be looking into the “genesis” of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation that began in 2016 of potential ties between the campaign and the Russian government. He did not provide evidence for his claims.


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