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Foreign Minister Side Steps Issues of Non Elected Government in Qatar Tries to Push Focus to Arab Nations Instead



For whatever it maybe that the United States is applauding the Emir of Qatar, the fact of the matter remains that despite the way the constitution of the latter is, the country has refused to hold elections and have a fairly represented government till date.It has been playing dictator while keeping close and smooth relations with its neighbouring countries while Arab nations continue to hold an embargo on Qatar for its hidden agendas of funding terrorist factions worldwide.

Anti hate speeches from broadcast stations have gone unnoticed or simply ignored. According to the constitution of Qatar government, this is something they can take judicial action against, but in a recent interview with Tim Sebastian of the DW Channel , the German Network,  Foreign ministry spokesperson Lolwah Al-Khater, simply called “ freedom of speech and expression of all.”

She could not provide any concrete solutions to problems of violation of human rights of encouragement that Qatar has been giving groups and individuals to continue to financing acts of terrorism.

Sebastian brought to her notice how the media knows that “Qatar Government does hold the judicial right to take action against clerics who break the rules, then how does it hold good to make hate speeches and get away with it?”

Back in 2000, Qatar made many promises to democratize but the process was stalled. It seems the current Emir is running the country at his own whim and fancy without taking any general representation from the common people.

It is therefore no wonder that till date, Qatar does not have an elected government.  Even after a 2 year blockade and 16 years passed, the Emir has not let elections happened and when questioned about the lack of a sovereign elected representation of  30 out of 40 members to be represented by common people,  Khater side stepped the answer. She blamed it on Qatar’s efforts to “keep our neighbours happy”, at the expense of the peace of their own country.


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