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Foreign Ministers of EU Tones Down Support For Strike in Syria



Foreign Ministers of EU Tones Down Support For Strike in Syria

The support of EU on the airstrikes that were conducted on Syria on Saturday seen to get withdrawn on Monday from the foreign ministers after they met in Luxembourg. Ireland has been one of the countries among the many who have shown concern over the conducted airstrikes which had been coordinated by countries like the USA, UK, and France.


The airstrikes had been conducted without the approval of the United Nations. This has increased the worries of the member of the states. US President Donald Trump said that if the chemical strikes in Syria continue they will be conducting airstrikes again. A question that has cropped up whether the other two nations UK and France will be helping America again in conducting the airstrikes.


The Irish sources that the evidence of the attacks done by the Syrian government in the Douma districts is overwhelming. Ireland will not be condemning the attacks which would be done by the three countries.


The high representative for the foreign policy of Eu28, Federica Mogherini reacted to the condemnation done by the Union and said that Syria had been using chemical weapons too often on its citizens. To this she added, the union will support initiatives which are aimed at the prevention of the chemical weapons on the civilians in Syria.


EU was informed on the first hands about the attacks that were conducted by US, Uk, and France which coordinated the airstrikes in Syria.


The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk tweeted, the chemical attacks conducted by the Syrian regime along with Russia and Iran cannot continue such inhuman activities for long at any cost. EU will be supporting its allies to support justice.


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