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Former Italian PM Renzi To Set A New Centrist Force



Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi

In an attempt to broaden the reach of a coalition government, former Italian PM  Matteo Renzi has made a public statement declaring that he will lead a breakaway from the ruling Democratic Party (PD) this week and set up a new centrist force.

Renzi is now out to set his own movement, as he breaks away from PD which he spoke to the media and called the party “a bunch of factions.” He has had a rather rough relationship with the party where he is currently a member of the Senate.

Renzi successfully ran the PD administration from 2014-16 and is said to have been instrumental in bringing together a new coalition earlier this month as an aftermath of a walkout by the far-right League led former Interior Ministry, Matteo Salvini.  It is confirmed that Salvini was trying to trigger an early election which didn’t happen.

Renzi would have as many as 30 lawmakers following him out. PD has 111 seats in the lower house of Italian parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, and 51 in the Senate. Fragmentation has never been of good use to any country, but it will take great amount of charisma and style to pull the seats towards him.

Political analysts feel that Renzi’s move might make it harder for Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to keep his government in office. But others think Renzi might succeed in claiming the middle ground of Italian politics.


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