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France agrees to send warships to support Greece if Turkish standoff escalates



Emmanuel Macron

Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has greeted a decision by France to help send warships toward the eastern Mediterranean if the Turkish standoff intensifies.

With pressures among Ankara and Athens, causing the developing global alert, Mitsotakis named the vessels as “patrons of peace.”

“The best way to finish differences in the eastern Mediterranean is through international justice,” he told correspondents in the wake of holding talks with President Emmanuel Macron. “France and Greece are seeking another structure of strategic security.”

Mitsotakis was on a visit planned for rallying EU support when unfriendly relations with Turkey have obscured every single other issue faced by the few months old government.

Macron swore France would work forward towards a strategic bond with Greece, blaming Turkey for compounding local strains as well as neglecting to adhere to its guaranteed promises in Libya.

“I would like to address my views concerning the conduct of Turkey right now … we have seen during these last days Turkish warships joined by Syrian hired soldiers land on Libyan soil. This is a serious violation of what was concurred in Berlin. It’s a fractured agreement.” 

The Gallic-Greek alliance bonds what authorities in Athens are proclaiming a renewed bilateral push to check Turkish hostile behavior in the Mediterranean.

Greece’s defense minister, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, recently cautioned that the military was “inspecting all situations, even that of military commitment” despite uplifted hostility from Ankara. Dismissing Turkish requests that Greece disarms 16 Aegean islands, he blamed Turkey for showing bizarrely infuriating conduct.

Turkish General Hulusi Akar develops a moving surge as of late in the quantity of infringement of Greek airspace by Turkish warrior planes. “Greece doesn’t incite, doesn’t abuse the sovereign privileges of others; however, it doesn’t care to see its rights infringed,” stated Panagiotopoulos. 

On Monday, Tensions between the Nato partners provoked Donald Trump to make the phenomenal stride of voicing worries over the circumstance in a call with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The White House representative Judd Deere tweeted that in a discussion on Libya and Syria, the US president had “called attention to the importance of Turkey and Greece settling their disparities in the East Mediterranean,” The National reported.


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