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France’s border checks as political tool for a no-deal Brexit



British finance ministar Philip Hammond said that France could to border checks to extert a political tool  in case of a no-deal Brexit.

Hammond, told his Conservative Party colleagues that a no-deal Brexit would cause a major economic damage and should be ruled out, and the current situation shows that there are already shortages and delas in an high portion of imports and exports between the two countries.

Hammond stated  on ITV that France could use border checks for political reasons:“They will use the deployment of those systems as a political tool in what will be quite a row, if we end up leaving in a no-deal scenario. Think the border between Spain and Gibraltar,” he said.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are running to succed to Theresa May as UK Prime Minister and both have not ruled out a no-deal Brexit, but Hammon says he will oppose this as, according to him, the lawmakers can indeed stop the PM to force a no deal-Brexit.

“There will be attempts I’m sure in Parliament to prevent the prorogation, … and if they are unsuccessful and anyone was foolish enough to try to prorogue Parliament, then I’m sure there will be action in the courts. We’d have to challenge it,” he said.


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