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Germany-United States relations hit rock bottom



Ever since the establishment of postwar Germany, the relations between Berlin and the US have never hit such lows as they have at present. There is implicit silent treatment among Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump and the US Ambassador Richard Grenell who is supposed to mediate seems to be creating distress.

The Atlantik-Brücke in Berlin has been the key mediator for stimulating relations between Germany and the United States for about 70 years now, this non-profit organization has been making efforts as per its statutes to  “deepen the collaboration between Germany, Europe and America at all levels.”

The role of American ambassador remains to be an important one in the entire process. Atlantik-Brücke has marked this as a regular tradition to host a huge dinner whenever a new chief US diplomatic is in the Capital city of Germany

When Richard Grenell, the US Ambassador took his position in Germany last year, a proper welcome as per the custom was planned for him as well but he not only refused to attend the dinner but also declined the invitation speak at a meet of the members of the organization in June last year. He seemed least interested in holding talks at the ensuing barbecue where he was to be represented as the guest of honour. Grenell rather chose to interview with two students.

Ever since then, radio silence has existed between Trump’s representative to Berlin and the key German-American lobby organization.

According to one of the US diplomats, the talks between the German Chancellor and US president have been reduced to a minimum. Merkel reportedly spoke to former President Barack Obama many times nearly once a week but her communications with Trump barely exist.

He added, “ Spontaneous phone calls are not a routine of their relationship, they often don’t communicate for several months at a stretch.”

The representation of German-American relations falling apart is two steel pipes that are 1,230 kilometres long each. The purpose is to lay them for them to run throughout the length at the bottom of Baltic sea from Vyborg in Russia to Lubmin in Northern German state, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

If put in place the gas from northern Russia through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline might facilitate towards heating millions of German households.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is trying everything possible to create hurdles so that the project’s completion is disturbed. Washington is constantly pressurizing the Danish government specifically because approval from the Danish government is needed for establishing one section of the pipeline.


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