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Giuliani Tries To Play Fair Game Before Subpoena Deadline Over Ukraine Connections



Rudolph Giuliani

Brushing aside the US election campaign finance laws, Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani might have been a point of contact for financial transactions between White House and Ukraine.

What looks like money paid to him for legal advice and services, is now under scrutiny and disclosed amounts are as much as $500,000, as shared by Giuliani himself with Reuters recently.

On the flipside, a close associate of Giuliani, the American Ukrainian businessman Lev Parnas has instead said that he had paid thousand and millions to Trump’s personal attorney. Currently, Parnas and another Giuliani associate Fruman have been arrested on charges of funneling foreign money to unnamed U.S. politicians. This, it seems, was being done to ‘influence U.S.-Ukraine relations’ which is a clear violation of U.S. campaign finance laws.  

Foreign nationals are prohibited from making contributions and other expenditures in connection with U.S. elections, and from making contributions in someone else’s name.

What is come to light is the many back and forth transactions that have happened via business mediators in Ukraine and United States, to support each other’s ulterior motives.  

There are all reasons to believe that Giuliani might actually have been acting as a point of contact.  Democrats have already opened an impeachment investigation against Donald Trump and federal prosecutors have reasons to “examine Giuliani’s interactions” with Parnas and Fruman. Both are already facing indictment charges on campaign financing.

It is also confirmed that in 2018, Parnas and Fruman had already made donations of at least $576,000 to various Republican campaigns, according to an investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

The bulk of the sum — $325,000 — went on May 17, 2018 to America First Action — one of the largest pro-Trump super political action committees, OCCRP reported. Giuliani has a deadline of October 15 by when he has to submit relevant documentation regarding his communication with Ukrainian government on the behest of his client the US President Donald Trump. He has not disclosed whether he would comply.

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