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Guaido under Thorough Check for Sabotage of Power Grid



Juan Guiado

Venezuela’s chief prosecutor has asked the nation’s Supreme Court to open an inquiry into opposition leader Juan Guaidó for supposed involvement in the “sabotage” of the nation’s power grid.

Tarek Saab announced the investigation on Tuesday, a day after the at war president, Nicolás Maduro, blamed US President Donald Trump of planning and directing an “evil” plot with the nation’s opposition to force him to step down from power.

Guaidó, who most western governments now acknowledge as Venezuela’s lawful interim leader is already under probe for supposedly instigating violence; however, authorities have not tried to arrest him since he breached a travel ban and then returned home from a tour of Latin American nations.

Saab stated that the case against Guaidó also involves messages supposedly provoking people to pillage and looting during the stifling blackout that started on 7th March, Thursday.
Maduro’s political enemies and many specialists think the countrywide blackout is the result of years of carelessness, corruption and incompetence.
Guaidó on Sunday told that Venezuela is in the middle of a catastrophe, which is not the result of a hurricane, or a tsunami. It’s the product of the incompetence, inability, the corruption of a regime that doesn’t care about the lives of Venezuelans.

However, in a broadcasted nationwide address on 11th March night Maduro blamed the White House of starting an imperialist “electromagnetic assault”. Critics criticized it as a cynical effort to divert criticism of his regime’s accountability.

Maduro in his 35-minute speech claimed that the United States’ imperialist government instructed this attack.
Maduro claimed that the US had carried out the attack, conspiring with “puppets and clowns” from the Venezuelan opposition – to develop “a state of agony, of widespread want of battle” that would rationalize a foreign intervention.
Maduro, who offered no evidence for his accusation, gave little indication that an end was in sight to a crisis that the opposition condemns for around 21 deaths and many fear that the crisis could delve the nation into violence and turmoil.


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