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Hong Kong justice secretary Teresa Cheng ‘seriously injured’ as she is ‘attacked’ by protesters



Hong Kong justice secretary Teresa Cheng

The Chinese and Hong Kong governments condemned on Friday (Nov 15) an attack by a “violent mob” on the city’s Justice Secretary in London, the first direct altercation between demonstrators and a government minister during months of often violent protests.

Protesters were involved in an altercation with Teresa Cheng during her visit to the capital on Thursday evening.

Dramatic footage of the incident showed the minister on the ground as she was surrounded by demonstrators.

She was pushed by activists who were following her and shouting, the Chinese Embassy said.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam called the incident “barbaric”. She said the “attack” violated the principles of a civilized society.

In statement, the Hong Kong’s government said: “The secretary denounces all forms of violence and radicalism depriving others’ legitimate rights in the pretext of pursuing their political ideals, which would never be in the interest of Hong Kong and any civilized society.”

Cheng was in the city to promote Hong Kong as a dispute resolution and deal-making hub.

The Chinese embassy said: “We express strong indignation and unequivocally condemn the activists,” the embassy said in a statement. “Now, they are taking such violence abroad and into the U.K.”

Hong Kong has been gripped by unrest for months, but Chief Executive Lam remains in place with the backing of Xi Jinping’s Chinese regime.

The tensions between protesters and police have been rising for weeks, with more than 3,000 people arrested since June.

A 70-year-old man has died after being struck on the head during clashes between government supporters and protesters in the region on Thursday.

Students and other protesters have taken over major campuses in, building barricades and stockpiling gasoline bombs and other weapons.

A masked protester at Chinese University announced in a 3 am statement to assembled media that the group would clear the road for 24 hours.

Anti-government protesters paralyzed parts of Hong Kong for a fifth day on Friday, forcing schools to close and blocking some highways as students built barricades on university campuses and the authorities struggled to tame the violence.

Protesters used barriers and other debris to block the Cross-Harbour Tunnel that links Hong Kong island to Kowloon district, leading to severe traffic congestion.

Service between Fo Tan and Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau on the East Rail Line are suspended due to vandalism, railway operator MTR Corp said on Friday. Trains between Hung Hom and Fo Tan on the same line are running every five minutes. Stations at MongKok, Tseung Kwan O, Sai Wan Ho, TuenMun and Tung Chung also remain shut.


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