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Hong Kong Protesters create their own national anthem



Hong Kong Protesters

Protesters in Hong Kong trampled a Chinese flag, vandalized two subway stations set at least two street fires, as pro-democracy demonstrations took a violent turn once again.

Hong Kong police arrested at least five people on Sunday after protesters blocked roads and burned objects outside MongKok police station.

At around 9 pm, a crowd gathered outside the police station to shout at officers inside and dub graffiti on the walls. Police raised a blue flag inside the station warning to use force.

Hong Kong has entered the 16th week of protests, which was sparked by a now-axed extradition bill that would have allowed case-by-case fugitive transfers to mainland China. Large-scale protests have morphed into sometimes violent displays of dissent over Beijing’s encroachment and alleged police brutality, with thousands gathering at malls this week to sing protest songs.

Police and protesters clashed in multiple districts, with the latter throwing petrol bombs and setting fires as the authorities responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. Protesters largely avoided pitched battles with the authorities, however, retreating and moving around the city quickly.
Protesters blocked the thoroughfare and burned objects once again at around 11 pm until riot police tried to clear the scene again, making several arrests.

During the clearance, several people in black clothing holding batons, who covered their faces, helped to subdue protesters and blocked journalists from recording the operation.

While the mall protests were initially light-hearted, including a conga line, they soon became more serious, with stores graffitied and regular business disrupted, forcing many to close. Trash cans in the mall were overturned, water sprayed over the floor from a hose, and television screens smashed, according to the South China Morning Post. A connecting subway station was also heavily vandalized, forcing it to be closed. Outside New Town Plaza, protesters set fire to barricades and threw a Chinese flag into a nearby river.

There were similar scenes of chaos in malls in three other districts, and multiple other subway stations closed after being targeted by protesters.
Earlier, the protesters at the mall chanted slogans and sang a song that has become their anthem, backed by a small group playing on woodwind and brass instruments through their masks. Many lined the balustrades of the three higher floors overlooking where others gathered in the wide space below.

Protesters say Beijing and Lam’s government are eroding the “high degree of autonomy” and Western-style civil liberties promised to the former British colony when it was returned to China in 1997.

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