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Hong Kong protests have a ‘Cold War mentality’ – China



Liu Xiaoming
China’s ambassador in London says that the country rejects the ‘Cold War mentality’ seen by UK politicians over Hong Kong while the two countries are at odds for the suspended bill that would allow extradition in China.
Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said that China has full confidence that Hong Kong can resolve the situation and that believes in the ‘one country, two systems’ agreement, however, he stated that the UK’s government was trying to interfering with Hong Kong internal affairs to ‘obstruct the legal process’.
“We are not interested in a diplomatic war with the UK, … we are still committed to this golden era between our two countries,” he said.
While the UK’s relations with China are seen as ‘a golden era’ the two countries had a disagreement over Trump’s ban on the Huawei technologies over alleged security risk.
China’s ambassador said that Huawei wouldn’t pass any information to the government.
The suspended extradition bill would put Hong Kong’s judiciary independence at risk giving China the power to prosecute activists, however, Luis rejected that it would be easier to extradite because of Hong Kong laws and legislation that doesn’t allow it for religious or political beliefs


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