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How Emir Of Qatar Turned Trump’s Mind In His Favour



President Donald Trump meets with Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani

The Qatar-US equation is only getting better. This is despite the Congress and US military officials warning Trump repeatedly against Qatar’s notorious terrorist funding activity and growing allegiance with Iran.

Despite all these protests, in July this year, Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani visited the US. It was a sign that Trump had chosen to ignore the warnings and was more interested in strengthening his ties between Washington and Doha. Tamim had done his homework and could influence almost 250 officials in Trump’s office to create a ‘likeable’

Qatar equation with the US President. He did so by using the former attorney general John Ascroft’s lobbying firm who turned the tables in Qatar’s favour.

It was no surprise that Trump had done a turnaround from his initial stand where he had sided with his national security team, which had advised him not to be a part of disagreements among the Gulf’s wealthy dynasties, and stressed instead on the fact that Doha is home to America’s largest military base in the Middle East and gives the US a stronghold against Iran.

Trump’s strategy has always been to favour those who are willing to make huge investments in its key industry- defence and military equipment. So now, the US is working more on keeping all its partners happy, than siding with what is right or wrong from a humanitarian perspective.

Qatar has attracted a lot of criticism, for its favouritism of terrorist factions and funding them through hidden methods like staged kidnaps, not for profit outfits outside of Qatar, bank accounts held by such organizations and more. Within his meeting with Trump, Tamim tactfully communicated his intent saying “In today’s world, at times, alliances have to be made with necessary partners, and certain allies are not actually friends.”    

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