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How Erdogan Has Pushed His Parliament To Vote For Libya



Recap Tayyip Erdogan is in a quick mode that he has been able to push the Parliament to vote in favour of sending troops to Libya.

Recap Tayyip Erdogan is in a quick mode that he has been able to push the Parliament to vote in favor of sending troops to Libya. The voting session will happen in early January on the motion. Erdogan is now helping the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) upon the latter’s invitation.

It seems that Erdogan is trying to seize an opportunity to possess the Libyan land to prove his dominance in the Mediterranean seas. “Libya is, for us, the reminiscence of the Ottoman Empire,” Erdogan has made a public statement referring to the fact that Libya was part of the empire from 1551 to 1864 as its last African possession. Surprisingly, this statement has come after Erdogan made a surprise visit to Tunisia.

The motion will be presented on Jan. 7 when Parliament resumes, and it is expected to pass in the following days.  Under its plans of cooperating with Libya, Turkey has signed a military cooperation deal, and an agreement to delimit maritime borders. Under this, along with its drones that have long been operating in Libya, Turkey has plans to send an elite contingent that includes special operations units, marine commandoes and intelligence officers. A delegation of some military tasks to private contractors may also be on the horizon.

The self-styled military of Khalifa Haftar has been against Turkish interference in the internal matters of the country.  Tunisia might be the one reason to provide Turkey with a military base into the Tripoli region. That would give Turkey more intrusion access into Libya, something Haftar has been warning against.

Speaking to the media, military analyst Metin Gurcan has said that “Ankara is aware that a no-fly zone over Tripoli is a must to protect the GNA. Therefore, it is important that Tunisia provides airbase for Turkish aircraft. But, Egypt is likely to show a harsh reaction to the deployment of Turkish F-16s to Tunisia.”

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