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How Greece Has Thawed Erdogan Led Blackmail Tactics On Its Borders



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Turkey has created the worst kind of human rights crises as it has opened the floodgates to Europe, threatening to send off the millions of refugees it had been holding together. The fate of the refugees has remained uncertain over the past few weeks, and now relations between Greece and Turkey have only turned sourer than ever.

A recent death at the Greek border became a bone of contention between the nations when Greece countered accusations from Turkey. The latter was holding Greece responsible for the death of a migrant, as its border authorities strove for a sixth day to keep thousands of migrants out by using tear gas, stun grenades, and water cannons.

With the surge of migrants coming in unabated, the authorities on all sides of the borders to various European nations have been left with no choice but to use force to keep the migrants from entering their territories. These include Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian and Afghani migrants as well.

Recap Tayyip Erdogan ordered the floodgates in the hope of putting pressure on European nations and pushing them into supporting Turkey in dealing with the fallout from the Syrian war to its south. Factual news shows that the migrant was actually shot on the Turkish side and that it seems Turkey is making false accusations to strengthen its stand against giving away the migrant population from its side.

The crisis at the border of the two NATO allies and historic regional rivals comes at a time when tensions were already high over offshore exploration rights. The European Union has felt some disdain to the cheap tactic by the Turkish President in using it as a blackmail tactic to suit his own needs.

Greek authorities have shared that to date more than 32,000 have attempted to illegally cross the Evros border have been thwarted since last week with 231 people mostly Afghans arrested. After a dip when top European Union officials visited the border, attempts roughly tripled to 4,600, while some 15,000 people were gathered along the frontier.

False hopes given by Turkey, has encouraged migrants to use both land and sea modes to enter into Europe, in the most dangerous personal conditions. The Greek government has called the situation a direct threat to national security and imposed emergency measures to carry out swift deportations and freeze asylum applications for one month. Migrants have been reporting being summarily pushed back across the border into Turkey.

Praising Greek stand, European Union interior ministers have already held emergency talks to show solidarity with Greece and to raise more equipment to bolster the 27-country bloc’s border with Turkey. The European Commission has praised Greece as the shield on Europe’s external borders.

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