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How Qatar supports terrorism in time of Covid-19



How qatar supports terrorism in time of covid-19

While the world and humanity are busy facing and fighting together with the world pandemic COVID 19 Qatar is still financing supporting and spreading terrorism and religious extremism in the middle east and Africa while playing a double game with its allies and enemies and for decades now.

Qatar is still playing the humanitarian card and uses the excuse of sending medical aid and food to many countries in the world through its national airline QATAR AIRWAYS and smuggling weapons and ammunition to Libya Somalia Lebanon Syria and other places. Just like it did in the past! indeed.

In 2011, Qatar was one of the first countries to support the Libyan revolutionaries with weapons as stated it, Ali Al-Sallabi during a TV show in LYBIATV, where he explains how he met the crown prince of Qatar and how he promised him to finance the revolutionaries in Libya and supply them with arms, with the complicity of some Tunisian militias to help smuggle the weapons into Libya, The Qataris could not send the weapons into Libya directly due to the no-fly zone, so they flew their weapons and ammunition to Tunisia first and it was transported into Libya via Tunisian borders with Libya.

But Qatar didn’t stop at that, even years after the Arab spring and as recent as few weeks and months back Qatar is still carrying its support to terrorist organizations, like when the Libyan National Army seized in the hands of armed militias in Tripoli Quantities of weapons and ammunition boxes belonging to the Qatari Armed Forces.

A report broadcast by “Direct Qatar” channel revealed that the Libyan National Army forces, led by Marshal Khalifa Hifter, were able to seize quantities of weapons and ammunition, with the stamp: “the State of Qatar” and “Qatar Armed Forces”, and serial numbers of the Qatari Ministry of Defense on it all found with the armed militias in Libya.

These arms and weapons entered Libya under the cover of medical aid coming from Qatar.

The report emphasized that the seizure of Qatari weapons funds came at a time when the Libyan army, led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, was fighting a decisive battle to liberate the capital Tripoli from the hands of armed militias sponsored by the al-Hamdeen regime.

But Qatar’s destructive activities and terrorism support are not limited to Libya only, Qatar also assisted extremist groups in Syria. One of the links was Al-Mahdi Al-Harati, a close ally of Abdelhakeem Belhaj arrived in Syria with dozens of vehicles and weapons that were all funded by Qatar.

And of course, Qatar was one of the first countries to support the military council led by terrorist Abdelhakim Belhadj and his deputy, Mahdi Harati, in Tripoli during the February 17 revolution and Qatar support for them continued until Al-Harati was able to establish the “National Brigade” LIWAA EL OUMMA in Idlib.

A few years ago, Qatar’s support of extremists and terrorists was put under the spotlight, the credit goes to the countries who boycotted Qatar for its continuous support of these extremist groups all around the world. Qatar can no longer directly support these groups, so its new strategy is to do it under humanitarian actions all through proxies and allies, Turkey and Iran are today Qatar’s allies and both are involved in the region and are supporting terrorist groups with Qatar’s funds. Qatar takes even advantage of the current world pandemic to support various different groups in the region, whether that’s in Lebanon or in Africa like in Somalia.

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