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How US Has Exposed Iranian Political Game Plan



The mastermind behind killing of defense troops in Syria and Iraq, Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani has a huge fan following.

The mastermind behind the killing of defense troops in Syria and Iraq, Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani has a huge fan following. His assassination has erupted into a displeased Iraqi government ordering the 5000 plus US troops to move out of Baghdad and has a huge mourning session in place in Iran also.

The man who is considered as a notorious character by Britain, France, and Israel as well, Soleimani’s assassination is being seen as a direct call for confrontation with Iran. But the fact of the matter remains, that Iran has been instrumental is misbalancing the economic and political order in most of the nations of the Middle East.

It has been under the leadership of Soleimani that Iranian troops have been feeding the civil war-like conditions in countries like Libya, Syria and off late Iraq. While Iran has been interfering and meddling with the political affairs in Iraq, it has also fueled the civil disobedience movement in Iraq, by providing arsenal and man force, to peaceful civilian demonstrations.

By investing itself heavily into proxies and allies that have intensified tension across the world. The slaying of Soleimani is being seen as a justified action by the US to safeguard its own sovereignty. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently listed a series of attacks he said “Iranian surrogates” had committed since early May 2019, describing them as part of “an unacceptable campaign of escalating tension by Iran.” 

Mostly Iran has had support over religious connotations. But off late it has garnered more support as it has ‘broadened its reach by backing militias in war-torn Yemen and Syria amid the chaos ushered in by the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011.’ Its basic strategy remains to get back at America, Arab nations and Israel and show its predominance in the Middle East.

Iran had till date, met its external power motives through the Soleimani controlled the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force. This outfit was designated as a terrorist organization by America recently, due to its constant inflow of weaponry and militia support in war-torn regions worldwide.

Iran somewhere enjoys support from Houthis as well, who it has provided with technological and military support in Yemen since 2011. Houthis are essentially Shia believers and therefore an Iranian soft corner emerges.

With the slaying of Soleimani, Iran’s dubious game has been further exposed and now the ball is in Tehran’s court. Trump has made an open challenge and the world is waiting to see what happens next.

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