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Hunter To Cease Connect With Chinese Companies In Anticipation Of Biden’s Succession



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Preparing to buttress the hopeful Democrat’s prospects of securing presidency at the White House, Hunter Biden has stepped down from the board of a Chinese company. Hunter’s decision comes as Trump sends off bullying messages accusing him of benefiting from his association with Chinese and Ukrainian companies.

Hunter has sent off a public message saying that he will not work with foreign companies if his father becomes president. Hunter’s lawyer is said to have given off an official media statement in response to Trump’s accusatory remarks on Twitter which said, “Where’s Hunter? He has totally disappeared! Now looks like he has raided and scammed even more countries! Media is AWOL.”

In his online remarks, Hunter’s lawyer George Mesires responded back appropriately, “Despite extensive scrutiny, at no time has any law enforcement agency, either domestic or foreign, alleged that Hunter engaged in wrongdoing at any point during his five-year term.”  Mesires was referring to Hunter’s Ukrainian association which came to an end in April this year.

As Trump tries to avoid his own impeachment proceedings, his attitude towards his biggest competitor remains that of public bullying and mud-slinging.  Donald Trump has said to have pushed and pressurized the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to assist his lawyer Giuliani with an investigation of Hunter and Joe Biden’s Ukrainian connections and dig out whatever possible.

Democrats are now investigating Trump for possible impeachment based on his July 25 phone call to the Zelensky. Several critics of the current President of the United States have accused Trump of pressuring Zelensky to get involved by threatening to withhold military aid. These include including House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif. Trump denied wrongdoing and insisted the call was “perfect.” Zelensky has also stated that he was not pressured because this goes into his favour of the kind of military support that the United States has been promising it.

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