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Imamoglu to repair democracy in Turkey



Ekrem Imamoglu won the mayoral elections in Istanbul with a stunning victory that is bound to repair a damaged democracy.

He returned to Istanbul City Hall after 18 days as Erdogan made an effort to nullify the first elections and ordered a rerun.

“The people of Istanbul have confirmed their attachment to the republic and to democracy,” Imamoglu told the jubilant, flag-waving crowd. “This confirmation has shown the world that Turkey isn’t any ordinary Middle Eastern country. The belief in democracy runs deep in Turkey’s veins.”

He won the first run by a small margin and that was an chanche for the President Erdogan to challenge the results and recount the outcome.

This decision raised concerns on the state of democracy in Turkey and Erdogan was accused of increasing authoritarism.

In the second runm Imamoglu won with a much bigger margin than the first time and said ‘everything will be beautiful’ while cheered by the crowd.

“The squandering will end, the belt-tightening will start. Istanbul’s 16 million (people) will share the city’s blessings,” he said.

Istanbul’s authorities presented Imamoglu a confirming certificate for his mandate to rule over the capital city for the next 5 years.


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