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India Receives Its Own Diplomats Back From Pakistan In Irritated Skirmish




The Chinese skirmish with India seems to be showing off its pressure in Pakistan as cases of espionage have suddenly seen an increase between New Delhi and Islamabad. Two Pakistani spies were caught in India recently. Communication to Pakistani Charged Affaires was swift. The Ministry of External Affairs had given seven days to Islamabad to act upon India’s decision that Pakistan would cut its Indian staff by 50percent and India would follow suit.

It is now confirmed that 38 Indian diplomats working at the Pakistan High Commission have come back to their home country. From India, around 143 officials of Pakistan High Commission have reached the Attari-Wagah border to return to Pakistan. This goes back to a time a decade ago, when India’s relations had soured with Pakistan and it had to cut tied for obvious reasons.

According to the National Security Advisory Board member Tilak Devasher the 2002 action was in retaliation of a bombing incident which had to be taken to send off a message to Pakistan but this is a well thought out move and perhaps, therefore will be a more long lasting measure.

Two Pakistani officials have said to have acted in the most unprofessional manner going contrary to their privileged status in the High Commission working in Indian territory. India had pointed this out to Pakistan which in parallel has said to have engaged in a sustained campaign to intimidate the officials of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad from carrying on their legitimate diplomatic functions, officials alleged.

Political analysts feel that Pakistan will try and take advantage of the souring relations between India and China and play its cards to get mileage out of this unpleasantness. It will continue to create action on the LoC while China tries to push India down, so that the latter cannot support the anti China campaign lead by the US. Pakistan will try and claim control of J&K while China tries to siphon control over the Ladakh by occupying the Galwan Valley.

It is being said that it is in the best interest of India to take the J&K people on its side. The only thing to do is to halt the process of issuing controversial domicile certificates, something Pakistan can easily play against India.

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