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Iran plans to reopen Mosques, despite rising death toll during Covid-19




After reviewing Iran’s recent number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths, Kianoush Jahanpour, the spokesperson of Iran’s health ministry, announced the division of the nation in white, yellow, and red areas. On Sunday, he said that 976 fresh virus infection cases have been reported taking the aggregate to 97,424, and the official death count rose from 47 to 6,203.

President Hassan Rouhani stated on Sunday that 132 administrative areas and about 33% of the nation would “reopen their mosques starting tomorrow.” Several mosques in Iran will reopen on Monday regardless of the number of cases rising daily from the coronavirus and vulnerability over how many Iranians has been infected.

Currently, officials and critics internationally and nationally expressed doubt over Iran’s formally announced Covid-19 figures, and raise questions that the correct data of coronavirus deaths could be a lot higher than listed, the Arab News detailed.

As per critics, Iran was slow to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Mosques and important religious places in Mashad and Qom were not shut until mid-March. Tehran, in the long run, attempted to contain the spread of the infection by shutting down schools and colleges, stadiums, cinema halls, and restaurants.

In March, Iran had strictly ordered locales to adhere to the steps for containing the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, many Iranian worshippers broke into the mosques despite leaders urging them to offer prayers indoors.

Despite health experts advising not to open the economy, Iran has lifted limitations on interstate travel, opened markets and malls. Thankfully, schools and universities remain close, along with cultural and sports arenas. However, Rouhani stated on Monday that plans are in progress to reopen schools soon.

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