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Iran Refuses To Give America An Advantage In a Lopsided Dialogue



Ali Khamenei during Nowruz 2019

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei continues to maintain a stand that “the US and Tehran are arch rivals that cannot be friends.” Iran will continue with a ban over talks with America and says that “this is the best way to stop their infiltration.

From the sound of what the top authority in Iran is saying it seems that Iran feels America will use dialogue as a way to first sweet talk and then pressurize Iran into tilting towards the US terms.  “Those who believe negotiations with the enemy will solve our problems are 100 percent wrong,” has added Khamenei.

Further, French President Emmanuel Macron’s will full action to initiate dialogue between Iran and the US has been termed as either as ‘a naïve move’ or ‘complicit with America wrongdoing’.  The Iranian sentiment was expressed a day before the 40th anniversary of Iran’s seizure of the American Embassy in Tehran.

Talks between both nations have been on a deadlock position since US levied heavy sanctions on Iran crippling its economy and oil exports as well. Inflation rate has touched 50percent in 2019. Khamenei had already reiterated intentions of continuing with the no-talks ban, much before the UN General Assembly in October.

Earlier attempts over dialogues never materialized because the US was never going to lift any sanctions over Iran, a precondition of the latter to enter into a conversation with the enemy.  It seems the exit of national security advisor John Bolton also could not change Trump’s mind. So, Iran is clear- it is going to play hard to get, no matter how much pressure Washington is willing to put on it.  


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