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Iraq under Iranian subversion, human rights watchdogs silent



In order to strengthen its control in the region, Iran is practising regional hegemony and forceful assimilation on Iraq.

In order to strengthen its control in the region, Iran is practicing regional hegemony and forceful assimilation on Iraq. Though Iraqi leaders are trying their best to combat Iranian subversion but it’s in need of support from international organizations. In order to shake the country’s stability, Tehran is supporting Iraqi militias with shelter, arms and finances.

The current geopolitical dynamics, with the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel on one side, and Iran on the other, it becomes necessary for Iran to beef up its defence on borders with Iraq. Iran is using Iraqi militants for the same. There is an evident convergence of interest between the two.

The unsaid deal of mutual interest between Iran and Iraqi militias got unfurled after May 14 drone attack on a Saudi oil pipeline. According to the US researchers, the explosives were launched from Iraq, while some analysts believed the drones were launched from Jurf al-Sakhr, a region in south of Baghdad. That region is controlled by Kata’ib Hizballah, the group which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the US.

Iran is using the group’s base for storing unauthorized Iranian weapons. The weakening control of the government in Baghdad and increasing crimes by militants would prevent the nation from becoming a Saudi ally, the position from which Iran would clearly benefit.

Iraqi militias which were earlier part of Iraqi security forces disintegrated on the orders of rival extremist political group, Binna. It mainly comprises Iraqi Shiite militias who wiped out Islamic State, to get political gains and establish its hold at the center. Binna-backed militias, who are ideologically aligned with Iran, are also known to have strong ties with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, another group that has been designated as a terror outfit by the US. When Binna was not allowed to put its candidate at the top, that’s when they resorted to the militant route.

Together the two are conducting human rights abuses including arbitrarily detaining, ill-treating and torturing, civilians living in the regions and even the armed forces personnel.

In July 2019, the US Treasury Department sanctioned Iraqi militia for serious human rights abuses and illegal transfer of money to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard from checkpoints the militia has been using for illegal taxation. Unfortunately human rights group including Human Rights Watch, UNICEF, and United Nations are ignoring the entire situation and haven’t even launched any investigation in the area to record and prevent the ongoing violations.

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