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Is Trump encouraging protestors or failing to remind them of social distancing amid Covid-19?



The United States has reached 787,960 affirmed cases, and 42,364 deaths, the numbers despite everything are still mounting

According to John Hopkins University data, the United States has reached 787,960 affirmed cases, and 42,364 deaths, the numbers despite everything are still mounting. However, people who are expecting a re-open due to the positive signs of the disease rates easing back in few states are getting impatient. Few people took to streets of Virginia, Oregon, Michigan, and Washington State to protest against stay-at-home order.

There is growing criticism across America against President Trump as he is sending conflicting signals by backing federal guidelines and, on the other hand, supporting protestors with his Tweets.

According to Reuters, many protestors demanded that the stay-at-home measures forced by state authorities should be removed and called it an exaggeration. Protestors who were taking to the streets stated that limiting movement and businesses are needlessly harming citizens and jobs.

President Trump had a discussion with all governors of the states on April 16, drawing plans for each state to re-open, keeping in mind a few factors. He assured that all the state governors would be deciding on re-open their individual states, with assistance from the Administration. “Opening Up America Again” guidelines were announced recently in the White House press briefing but all the states would need to meet the Gaiting Criteria first.

However, few states like Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, Maryland, and many more are getting impatient as they have to continue staying at home to contain the spread of Covid-19. Protestors, while blocking streets, were complaining that if these limitations continued for long, it would hurt many local businesses.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, cautioned protestors who are out on streets to adhere to the social distancing protocols as they could be risking their lives amid Covid-19. Collecting on streets and not following measures could prompt a fresh rise in coronavirus contaminations, making it increasingly hard to revive the economy, he added.

On April 20, when reporters asked the President in the White House press briefing that there are growing concerns over protestors congregating amid the coronavirus pandemic, Trump replied that “people are expressing their views, and they seem to be responsible people,” The Hill reported.

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