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Italian authorities inspect ship for suspected arms traffic from Turkey to Libya



Italian authorities inspect ship for suspected arms traffic from Turkey to Libya

According to Italian media, the district anti-mafia and counter-terrorism directorate of Genoa have arranged the inspection of the ship “Bana”, currently stopped at the Messina terminal in Genoa. Digos special forces, under the orders of the procurator Riccardo Perisi, Polmare, and the Italian Coast Guard are carrying out a joint search.

“The Italian authorities have seized the black box of the ship, the maps, the PCs, the logbooks and all the documentation that could be useful to reconstruct the routes of the cargo “. Local newspaper Genova24 reports, indicating the scientific police on the spot to detecting the presence of armaments.

Although in fact the ship’s hold, flying the Lebanese flag, is currently empty, a video widely released on social networks shows various military vehicles, including tanks in the hold of the ship.  The military equipment has already been delivered to the extremists and to forces affiliated to the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).

The video is considered very reliable by the investigators, it was shot right in the belly of the Bana, while the owner had declared on paper to only transport “radiated” cars, vehicles that are canceled from the European registers to be exported elsewhere, in this case in North Africa.

Turkey from early January to today has sent over 4000 fighters to Libya, including mercenaries, rebels, and dangerous jihadists through civil flights. The use of cargo ships to transport military vehicles and human resources cannot be excluded. France has also sent its frigates in the Mediterranean to monitor these movements.

According to preliminary investigations, the ship officially entered the port of Genoa due to a technical problem and was stopped for checks. But after a three-day layover, a young sailor who has a story to tell got off.

The third deck officer, 25 years-old, went to the maritime police station asking for international protection and political asylum, for the story of what he says he saw during his stay on the Bana: an illegal arms trade between Turkey and Libya.


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