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Italy PM Conte wins the vote of confidence in Senate



Giuseppe Conte

Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte along with his coalition leaning towards left won the vote of confidence in the Senate which completes the final step required for the new government to utilize complete powers.

The motion created a path for the alliance between the anti-establishment Five star Movement and centre-left Democratic party to possibly backpedal the uncompromising immigration policies of the ex-interior affairs minister Matteo Salvini.

Senators voted 169 to 133 in support of the new EU friendly government that targets at fixing a limit to the crisis triggered under the rule of Salvini, the right-leaning leader of the League.

Conte is on the second position for the Prime Minister, Hope’s and is making efforts to turn the wind to his favour following the crumbling of M5S’s doomed alliance with the league that lasted for 14 months.

The vote was followed by an intense debate during which senators of the opposing parties were seen screaming insults against Conte.

Salvini stated, “ I know a person who looked like a premier for months, I am unaware what happened later and what was promised to him. I expect a premier to have a vision for Italy and, not constant embarrassments. His seems to be a man with power without dignity.”

Italy was challenged by utter chaos last month when Salvini had pulled out the league from its alliance with M5S as he allegedly aimed to misuse his party’s reputation to bring about snap elections in order to become the Prime Minister.

With many hurdles lying ahead the parties had last week released a 26 point programme aimed to strengthen the government. To top the list was an agreement to utilize the upcoming budget to help stabilize the economy’s growth.

Italy holds the second-largest debt load in the EU along with the pact aimed for larger flexibility from Brussels to cope up the “excessive rigidity” of present budget regulations.


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