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Japan reopens it’s border to Taiwan and 4 others, flights to resume from Sept 8




On Tuesday, the Japanese government said that it would be reopening its borders to Taiwan for the repatriation of residents of both the nations. The flights between both the nation would resume from September 8. Besides Taiwan, Japan had a similar agreement with four other nation including Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Tokyo’s new travel policy for the residents of aforementioned nations and its people stuck there stated that the travellers need to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of coronavirus including a 14-day self-isolation upon arrival.

“Japan hopes to both prevent the spread of the coronavirus and recover business activities,” Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told a news conference.”Through the easing of (restrictions) foreign companies in Japan are expected to recover, while reciprocal investment (projects) that have been stalled (by the pandemic) will be promoted,” Motegi said.

Besides theses five nations, Japan also reopened its borders to 16 economies with which Japan launched talks and committed to relax restrictions for long-term residents, such as expatriates, and those on short business trips. After residents, Tokyo said that it would gradually allow the travel of foreign students and even of tourists, eventually.

Analyst believe that it could be part of Japan’s Asia-Pacific strategy as the country was trying to get more nations on its side than its regional rival China. Last week Motegi travelled to quite a number of Asia-Pacific nations including Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar in order to strengthen country’s bilateral and trade ties with those nations. Relaxing travelling restrictions was also part of the deal.

But Japan has restricted the entry of foreign nationals who have recently been to any of 159 countries and regions, including the United States, China and the entire Europe.

For now the Asian nation has allowed entry only to its residents and foreigners with resident status in Japan from Tuesday onwards, after the calls from the expatriate community that its ban on entry of specific community was discriminatory. However, the authorities demanded the travellers to take a polymerase chain reaction test up to 72 hours before leaving for Japan and quarantine themselves for two weeks upon arrival.


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