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Japan will make effort to ease tensions with Iran




Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan will make every effort to ease the tensions between Iran and the US.

The US have proposed to boost the surveillance of the oil shipping lanes between Yemen and Iran and Japan announced that they will first try to resolve the tensions diplomatically before to decide to join the US or not.

Abe said: “We have a long tradition of friendship with Iran and I’ve met with its president any number of times, as well as other leaders,”

Abe added that he could meet the US National security adviser John Bolton this week to discuss the matter as Bolton met with Shotaro Yachi, Japan national security adviser and Taro Kono, Japan’s foreign minister, describing the talks as ‘useful and very productive’.

Abe has been trying to amend Japan’s constitution that has never been changed since the World War Two and he wants to try to legitimize the military but Japan’s public opinion is dividet on the matter.

Abe said: “The judgment of the people was that debate should take place. I want to have serious debate that goes beyond the boundaries of ruling versus opposition parties.”


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