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Joe Biden Is Willing To Testify



Joe Biden has changed his previous stance and is now open to testify against Trump

Joe Biden has changed his previous stance and is now open to testify against Trump to help in the ongoing impeachment proceedings. The Democratic hopeful Presidential candidate had earlier refused to testify. He has now said that he will honor a potential GOP subpoena.  

A roadblock has hit the impeachment process that Democrats are trying very hard to bring to fruition.  While Democrats would like Trump to receive a fair trial to present his side of the story, White House administration and Republican-dominated have refused to bring in witnesses pushing for a quick trial and verdict.

This way, the course of action hits a huge roadblock and may go against the general rules laid out in cases of impeachment.

Biden, in his earlier stance, had said that his testimony could give Trump a leave way to divert the impeachment proceedings into a corner from where the whole corruption saga originated. But now, Biden wants to support the Congress and would comply by, if subpoenaed. His repeated tweets have received huge traction, something that one can look at the political stunt to win acceptance as a legitimate and sound President in the making.

His change of stance also coincides with his rival contender Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, commenting that he should appear before Congress if he receives a legitimate request.  Ms. Warren added weight to her statement when she said that, “He has said he always follows lawfully issued orders, and if there is a lawfully issued order for a subpoena, then he should follow it.”

Republicans, hold a majority in the Senate for trial. They are said to be considering rules for the trial involving two articles of impeachment passed by the House earlier this month related to Mr. Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Mr. Biden, who is a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

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