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Kim Darroch fails the first rule: do not harm US ties



UK’s ambassadors have been historically privileged in Washington since Tony Blair but Kim Darroch resignation on Wednesday not only has almost killed his career but it marked the lowest point for British influence in the US.

Since Tony Blair administration, there is an unwritten law: Britain with its strategic interests cannot allow any damage to its main ally, the United States.

But Trump has tweeted that he would not deal with him anymore, and Darroch will take a ‘summer break’ waiting for the autumn to start packing to go back to London.

All this in a time when the UK is trying to secure a deal with the US ahead of a possible no-deal Brexit that would damage the British economy, and Trump would surely take advantage of UK’s vulnerable position. As British diplomats have for decades sought a special relationship with Washington in the diplomatic,military and security spheres, and now London needs its ally more than ever.

Britain is likely to be at the forefront backing the US in the international naval coalition in the Arabian Gulf and this shows how US relationships also affects London’s ties with the other countries in the wold, Gulf included.

However, it’s been speculated that the Darroch resignation was engineered to place a more Brexit-friendly ambassador in the US, as Johnson himself hinted as ‘politically sensitive’.


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