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Kurz Reclaims Win in Austria, Heads For A New Reliable Coalition Government



Austrian Chnacellor Sebastian Kurz at a press conference

In a fairytale turnaround, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has come back to occupy the office, as in surprise move, the anti-establishment populists suffered a prominent defeat.

The Austrian population is still conventional enough at heart to want their government to be run by someone who has the right principles of governance at heart. With the then party leader and later vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache working under Kurz, tarnishing the reputation of the Freedom Party, Kurz lost the confidence of the public and a coalition fell apart.

The nationalists had to suffer heavy damage.  Strache was filmed during a sting operation where he was recorded promising public contracts to a woman he believed to be a Russian billionaire in return for her political support.

Kurz has been reelected now but has not said anything about his coalition intentions. The Austrian set up demands a coalition government and his best chances for a successful stint would be with left leaning Greens.

In the past, mainstream center-left and center-right parties have often ruled together in the Alpine country. A coalition between the conservatives and the Greens would be setting precedence in the history of the country. Past trends also show that rural voters and party officials are more tilted towards a renewed coalition with the nationalists, while urban groups preferred an alliance with the Greens and the pro-business Neos.

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