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Labour Leader Spills Beans Of Corruption About Boris Johnson



Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at a Labour party rally on Whitchurch Common in the Cardiff North constituency during his General Election 2017 campaign.

A confidential government report seems to have surfaced in the UK showing the double game that Boris Johnson might be playing with the Brexit deal, confirms opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

According to the report, Johnson has stated that there would be customs checks between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain under a Brexit deal. If this happens, Corbyn said that “this is the cold, hard evidence that categorically shows the impact Johnson’s damaging Brexit deal will have on large parts of our country.”

The report has surfaced just a few days before Britain goes into an early election phase to decide the fate of the Brexit deal. Referring to Johnson’s slogan for his election campaign that guarantees a solution to the Brexit deal, Corbyn has termed it as ‘misleading’.

Substantiating his claim he said that voters should not be left in the dark without knowing the facts. Here, the report states that in fact there will be a border between Northern Ireland and Britain, which means that Johnson has publicly made false claims earlier.

In comparison, the Labour Brexit plan is to negotiate a new deal with the European Union to include a customs union and then hold another referendum on whether to accept it. In all this deal, Corbyn has vowed to remain neutral.

“Once the decision has been made we will need a prime minister able to speak to both sides if we are to bring the country together,” Corbyn said. “I think we’ve had just about enough of this division.”

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