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Labour party says no-deal Brexit can be halted



labour party

Downing Street would be mistaken to think it is too late for MPs to halt a no-deal Brexit, Labour party stated.

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary, said on Sunday that he didn’t acknowledge a case, ascribed to Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s principal advisor, that regardless of whether MPs were to pass a vote of no confidence in the PM in the month of Oct.

“There will be open doors for us when parliament returns in September to stop no deal,” Ashworth disclosed to Sky News.

Cummings told his colleagues it’s past the point of no return for MPs to utilize a no-confidence vote to turn the government before 31 October. “In case there is a no-confidence vote in September or October, we’ll call an election for after 31 October and in any case leave,” The Telegraph reported.

In his meeting on Sky, Ashworth did not address the contention about the planning of a no-confidence motion yet said different ideas would be accessible to MPs in the Autumn.

Dominic Grieve, the former Conservative lawyer, told the BBC that Cummings would be correct to state there was an entire arrangement of obstructions confronting MPs such as himself attempting to stop a no-deal Brexit.

However, he guaranteed Cummings could be “overlooking the main issue that there are various things the House of Commons can do, including cutting down the legislature and setting up another one in its place.”

A no-confidence vote has been viewed as the best methods for ceasing no-deal regardless of whether it leads to a general election occurring on or after 31 October.

Many opposition MPs would contend that in those conditions Johnson would be under a commitment to look for a necessity to seek an extension of article 50. However, Cummings has reportedly said to his colleagues that Johnson would decline to demand an extension in those situations.


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