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LIBYA : use of gas weapons to accuse the LNA



gas weapon

Even if sarraj and the wiffaque government pretend in front of the media and the world that they want a ceasefire and peace , like what saaraj was claiming a couple of days ago when he went to Tunisia to meet the Tunisian prime minister and other officials from other countries : “ we are concerned over the impact of Tripoli offensive on the lives of civilians, there can be no military solution to the crisis and that only a return to the political process is the solution

But on the field what sarraj , and his allies like turkey are doing and planning for is a different story

Human rights and civilian lives are not on their list of concerns, worstthan that the sarraj government is planning to deploy its terrorist militias with support and collaboration of turkey , to use banned toxic gas against civilians  perpetuating mass killing .

The second phase of their inhuman plan is to call for international investigation commission and accuse the LNA  of being responsible of the civilian killings using toxic gas

Hoping that this evil move will mobilize world public opinion .

This is not sarraj first attempt to make the LNA and haftar responsible for their own crimes and atrocities ,after failing in several incidents such as bombing civilians and bombing the illegal immigration headquarters in Tajoura.

This time They strike again with the toxic gas plan to ask for an international investigation commission that can be the  opportunity for haftar terrorist militias  backed by turkeys to stop the military operations and the whole process of freeing Tripoli


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