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London: Netanyahu meets and urges Johnson to end nuclear talks with Iran



Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu meets Boris Johnson in London to discuss on a drive to demoralize world powers from dialogue with Iran. 

On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister was at 10 Downing Street, Netanyahu said he wants to discuss Iran and Johnson voiced his help for a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. 

Netanyahu commended Johnson for his “staunch position against anti-Semitism and … support for Israel’s defense”. A Downing Street representative later stated that the two nations concurred on the need to stop Iran getting an atomic weapon and obstruct more extensive destabilizing Iranian conduct.” Prime Minister, Johnson emphasized the need for trade and commerce dialogue and also diplomatic relations between the two nations. The Guardian reported.

Netanyahu hopes that the UK rejects French intend to offer a $15bn (£12bn) credit plan to enable Iran to export oil. 

Johnson also met Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States while Netanyahu was to hold talks in London later in the day with the US defense secretary, Mark Esper. 

Iran and three European nations – Britain, Germany, and France – have been occupied in dialogue to save the milestone 2015 atomic accord, which has been unwinding since Donald Trump pulled back from it in May last year. 

The Israeli president on his way to London mentioned an Iranian plan to restart research on building atomic centrifuges which is a further violation of the agreement. Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani announced a centrifuge plan, Tehran’s third step away from the accord, on Wednesday. The Guardian reported.

The Foreign Office, in response, stated: “Iran’s conduct … is profoundly concerning. This third step away from its duties under the atomic deal is especially baffling when our European and international partners are striving to de-escalate pressures with Iran.” 

Netanyahu stated that this isn’t an ideal time to hold talks with Iran. This is an opportunity to build pressure on Iran. These are vital issues for the territory of Israel consistently, but particularly now.” According to the international media.

Credit:- Arab News/The Guardian

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