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Macron Vocalizes Irritation Over Erdogan’s Selfish Act of Insurgence In Syria



French President Emmanuel Macron has been very vocal about Turkey’s offensive into northern Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron has been very vocal about Turkey’s offensive into northern Syria. He has apparently called it “madness” and criticized NATO’s inability to react to the assault as a “serious mistake”.

The 170 hour ceasefire is being termed as a ‘faulty one’ and may not lead to a permanent solution to the problem facing Syria.

Speaking at a press conference held at the European Union Headquarters in Brussels, Macron has further commented, “It weakens our credibility in finding partners on the ground who will be by our side and who think they will be protected in the long term. So that raises questions about how NATO functions.”

He has indicated that Europe has to become more serious and responsible about what is happening the middle east. The Turkish decision to undertake a full-fledged incursion into Syria could lead to many dangerous scenarios. It has therefore, left the major NATO partners, France, Germany and Britain to feel worried about the outcomes at an international level.

For one, the retreat of Kurdish forces and support of US, a security vacuum is inevitable. It will give an easy route for ISIS militia to find its way back into Syria apart from freeing the other Islamist militants which had initially been oust by the Kurdish forces itself.

The Turkish assault has left European Union powers scrambling around, leading them to form a coherent response beyond the recent act of refusal to pay Turkey to contain any new refugee crisis on Europe’s doorstep. Many of the NATO partners have already withdrawn military sale contracts with Turkey, arsenal which they feel Ankara would not even think twice, before putting to use in Syria. Turkish PM Erdogan has agreed to a temporary ceasefire on the conditions that US will help in the retreat of Kurdish forces, which Ankara sees as the biggest impediment to its want for the 30km ‘Safe Zone’.

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