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Mafia didn’t do absolutely anything good for Italy and coronavirus it’s just another good opportunity



Mafia didn’t do absolutely anything good for Italy and coronavirus it's just another good opportunity

Some international media outlets in these hours have spoken of “donations” of the Italian mafia to the nation facing the emergency of coronavirus, covid-19. This unfounded news is an insult to thousands of losses, which name names are read aloud every year on March 21, the “Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the victims of the mafias”. The Italian law formally established that day in 2017 but the celebrations have taken place since 1996 when, thanks to the will of two mothers, two exceptional women, the project was born, in collaboration with “Libera – Associations, names, and numbers against the mafias”. The two women we are talking about are the mother of Roberto Antiochia, an agent who died alongside the Official Antonino Cassarà, also known as Ninni, in 1985, and the mother of Antonio Montinaro killed together with the judge Giovanni Falcone and his wife Francesca Morvillo in 1991. Saveria and Carmela, these are their names, have distilled their pain into an iron will to remember. They transformed private mourning into a piece of collective history made up of faces, lives, and stories of ordinary people.

Public emergencies increase the earning potential for some companies, but also for criminal organizations. Any emergency monopolizes media attention, criminal mechanisms no longer occupy their already small space in the news, the narratives about Coronavirus in a country like Italy dominates everything. In addition, the already compromised judicial machine slows down in a final form as many courts are forced to close to safeguard the health of the employees. So, the pandemic is the ideal place for mafias and the reason is simple: if you are hungry, you are looking for bread, it doesn’t matter who made it or who is distributing it to; if you need a drug, you pay, you don’t wonder who is selling it to you. It is only in times of peace and well-being that this choice is possible.

Yesterday afternoon, during a check carried out inside a house in the municipality of Casoria, in the province of Naples, southern Italy, the police found a load of false anti-Coronavirus masks. According to a statement of “Polizia di Stato”, the 875 masks, hidden in some boxes placed in a box in the garden, were not actually suitable for sanitary use, they were not hermetically sealed and lacked a technical data sheet and no indication of the expiry date. All the material was seized while the owner of the apartment, a 44-year-old Italian with police records, was reported for receiving stolen goods.

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