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May would be disapponted if Brexit fails



UK’s prime minister Theresa May has announced that she would leave with mixed feelings and disappointed this month after failing in her duty to bring her country out of the EU.

May wasn’t able to find a compromise over a Brexit deal in the parliament and said that she underestimated the opposition.

“There were moments when I sat here and thought I wish we’d got Brexit over the line – you know I wish we’d managed to achieve that.”

She went on saying that she underestimated some parliament member’s positions and that it was not willing to follow up to what the citizens expressed in the referendum and she sacrificed her job for Brexit.

She’s not endorsing either candidates, Johnson and Hunt, but she said that both understand their responsibility as future UK Prime Minister.

She also called for a new collective ministerial responsibility, in which the government supports the will of the people.

“Good cabinet government depends on collective responsibility and on what is said within the cabinet room … staying there,” she said. “I think once we have left the EU … collective responsibility needs to return.”


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