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Mexico has fulfilled the migration enforcement ahead of the US deadline



Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico foreign minister stated that Mexico has fulfilled its efforts to reduce the migration to the United States way before the deadline agreed with the bilateral pact.

Ebrard will have a meeting with Mike Pompeo this Sunday to discuss trade and migration, and this falls one day before the 45 days period in which Mexico has pledged to reduce the number of people trying to cross the border with the US illegal.

The US threatened Mexico with trade tariffs as Trump said that Mexico was not doing enough to fight the illegal crossing of the borders and the two parts agreed to negotiate a plan to make the asylum seekers apply in Mexico and not in the US.

The apprehension on the southern border dripped by a third in June and Ebrad stated that ‘they have complied with the deal’ also saying that Mexico has complied with its pledges to support the economic development in Central America but questioned if the US have done their part in it.


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