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Mike Pompeo meets Saudi Prince Khalid bin Salman and hopes for resolution in southern Yemen




US secretary of state Mike Pompeo met with the Saudi deputy defense minister Prince Khalid bin Salman on Wednesday and focused on the requirement to negotiate a settlement for Aden, Yemen.

 The State Department said that “the US secretary of state emphasized that the US supports a negotiation between the Yemen government and the Southern Transitional Council.” The National reported.

According to the National, disagreements continued in Aden on Wednesday between the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council authorities.

Government authorities attempted to exploit the STC’s duty to de-escalate efforts to propel forward on Aden.

Pompeo expressed gratitude toward the Minister for the kingdom’s endeavours to negotiate in the conflict.

The Saudi Arabian government has sought to assemble the factions in Riyadh and expedite an agreement since the conflicts began three weeks back.

By Wednesday evening, it was vague who was in charge of the Yemeni port city.

While pro-government powers asserted advances in the morning, by evening time STC fighters had regained control of the airport and the major government offices. The National reported.

Saudi Arabia and the United States concurred that holding talks was the best way to accomplish “a steady, brought together, and prosperous Yemen.”

Crown Prince Khalid a week ago met Martin Griffiths, the UN special envoy to Yemen, who proceeds to arbitrate and strive to avoid a much bigger crisis, the National reported.

The US State Department official stated to The National that “We are focused on maintaining a far-reaching political agreement that will stop the dispute.”

This month, Pompeo called Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to talk about Yemen and the two “reaffirmed their solid cooperation for UN endeavours to propel the political procedure.”

Gerald Feierstein, a former US representative to Yemen and VP of the Middle East Institute, disclosed to The National on Tuesday that Prince Khalid’s visit was an “indication of more prominent US commitment in settling the Yemen struggle.”

According to the Washington Post, the US state department spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus said, that Pompeo and Prince Khalid “addressed a wide variety of bilateral and regional issues,” which included “the Iranian regime’s destabilizing actions in the territory and also human rights.” Feierstein stated that the push could part a more comprehensive regional strategy to relieve the pressure between the US and Iran.


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