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Mike Pompeo will speak to the UN Security Council concerning Iran




US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will speak to the UN Security Council on Tuesday in a discourse that will concentrate on Iran after the ongoing tanker assaults close to the Strait of Hormuz.

According to sources at the UN in New York revealed to The National that the US representative would talk during a committee meeting about difficulties to minimize tensions and about security concerns in the Middle East.

“We comprehend that he is coming here to discuss on Iran,” a chief member from the board stated. The National reported.

Pompeo’s prior visited the UN on December 2018, when he urged members from the board to make a move against Iran’s ballistic missile program. According to international media.

The US has blamed Iran for supporting militant groups over the Middle East and frequently exercising its ballistic program, while Iran has denied the charges. President Donald Trump decided last year to haul out of a 2015 atomic agreement that guaranteed Tehran sanctions alleviation in return for consenting to check its nuclear exercises.

From that point forward, the US has escalated its most enormous pressure by sanctioning Iran.”

Pompeo’s excursion to the UN comes following the encounters in the Gulf over the consecutive seizure of foreign oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz by Iranian forces.

The US, utilizing video proof, censured Iran for assaults on oil tankers in the Gulf, claims that Tehran denies.

In June, the Revolutionary Guards did then ensure the shooting of a US Naval drone in the locale, driving the US to get ready to retaliate, but the US President Donald Trump decided to call it quits on military activity.

Tensions over secure and free shipping on international waters have been a cause of significant concern because of which Britain joined with the US-led maritime mission. The joint marine mission will secure vessels passing through the deliberately vital Strait of Hormuz following the tanker assaults. However, Germany and France refused to join.

Iran has said there could be no new deal over the atomic agreement until the US removes its sanctions. Iran has as of late decreased its consistency with the atomic deal because of authorizations from the US Treasury and State Department, saying it isn’t monetarily profiting as was guaranteed when the agreement was struck in the year 2015.


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