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Minnesota Farmers Community Might Still Vote For Trump



A pathway leads to a small Minnesota farmers home

Prices have been down due to the trade war. Yields have not been souring either. Farmers are now storing as much grain as possible, hoping they can sell when prices rise. With snow on the fields, some have yet to bring in all their crops.

Trump is investing heavily in winning the vote bank in Minnesota. His national campaign is outspending Democrats by 4 to 1 on digital ads here. He has 20 paid staffers and four offices, a stronger push than he has ever seen by a Republican presidential candidate at this point in the campaign. He really wants to win here and he is going all out to ensure this happens.

It is the rural voter which pushed Trump up to the White House. In 2016, he lost badly to Hilary Clinton in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. This region accounted for more than half of the state’s voters.

Many farmers in the rural Midwest are frustrated with President Trump’s trade policies. Yet in southern Minnesota, many who voted for him in 2016 plan to support him again next year, which would be key for Mr. Trump as he hopes to flip a state he narrowly lost in 2016.

It is a wonder that despite being let down because of his trade deal with China, many farmers are going to stand by Donald Trump in the forthcoming national elections in 2020.

Farmer community might want to see reason into what Trump has been doing. But political analysts feel that is working style does not justify that he is actually working for the benefit of any community in the US. Trump is known to have announced $16 billion in assistance this year to farmers affected by the trade war with China. Farmers are also tapping crop insurance this year. But many say they are still struggling to break even.  Many might vote for him again, unless there is someone solid that comes along to give me a nudge off the power seat.


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