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Minors Rescued Relocated From Fire Gutted Relief Camp in Greece



From Fire Gutted Relief Camp

The European Union is being most responsible for asylum seekers. Germany has recently confirmed that ten European countries have now confirmed to support the 400 unaccompanied minors that fled from a camp that was gutted in fire in Greece.

It is confirmed that more than 13000 people were living in the Moria camp on Lesbos in deplorable conditions. It was a sad state of affairs for the families who have had to sleep on the streets. But this was not going well with the local residents of Moria who blocked roads and did not allow the charities from delivering aid. They even said that they were totally against the construction of new tents.

Local residents are not in the favor of a new camp. The future of the immigrants dangles by thin threads of hope.  

German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer has confirmed that France and Germany would each accept between 100 and 150 of the children. The Netherlands has already pledged to accept 50 and Finland will take 11. Talks are ongoing with other states to take part. All this will ensure the safety of the children for the time being.

Other countries expected to take in children include Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, and Portugal, according to a German news report.

However, NGOs and charities are looking for a permanent solution for the grownups as well.

While immigration has been a burning topic for the European Union, it is Italy and Greece that have accused the wealthier northern countries of failing to do more when it comes to the immigrants. A number of central and eastern nations are also openly resistant to the idea of taking in a quota of migrants.

There have been talks over the unified migration policy. Commenting over the need for the same, European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas said that the Commission’s proposals for a new pact on migration and asylum are due to be presented on 30 September. It is hoped to “put an end to this unacceptable situation”.

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