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Muslim Brotherhood increasing ties with Islamic Society poses threat to German democracy



German Intelligence sources revealed that the Islamic extremist organisation, Muslim Brotherhood, is expanding its ties with the country’s ‘Islamic Society’, with a target to cripple Germany democracy.  Over the years Brotherhood has established a dense network in the Deutschland, forming ties with different Islamic organisations, for it is not yet banned in the country.

The organisation, which is deemed by some nations as a terror outfit, carries out its operations in the name of promoting Islamic culture. The standard practice followed by Brotherhood in going about establishing its base in the country includes buying property to build mosques and community centres. Since the time Brotherhood set its foot in Germany (in the nineties) it formed an expansive web of organisations, which today amounts to about 511 mosque, 1091 meeting places for Islamic ‘cultural’ discussions, and 2137 Islamic associations.

According to the report put across by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution’s (BfV) Islamist groups working under Brotherhood are legal as per the law of the land but are putting soft psychological transformation skills to use in order to control a large portion of the population. The report added that the groups are non-violent on its face but propagate extremist ideology. Their propagation skills, so immaculate, even make ISIS and Al Qaeda look like an innocent organisation.

One of such groups is the Islamic Center in Munich, which can be called the central organisation of the Brotherhood in Germany. The centre, which holds expertise in politicisation and radicalisation of Islam, has been seen commanding power over the Muslim community in the continent since the sixties and seventies of the last century. The Centre provides a face of cultural promotion to the advocacy services and propaganda work of the Muslim Brotherhood, trying to infuse extremist ideology in Muslims. The Centre deceives state authorities, as an organisation compliant with the culture of the country and its laws. The Munich Centre is primarily controlled by the Supreme Council of Muslim Youth, which is supported and funded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The dangerous aspect of the Brotherhood web in Germany is Ankara. It is Turkey which is calling the shots as a majority of the mosques in Germany, built by Brotherhood, are affiliated with the Islamic Community of Germany, which is funded by Ankara-based Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB). Founder and director of the Frankfurt Research Center on Global Islam, Susanne Schröter validated the existence of a connection between Turkish mosques in Germany and the Muslim Brotherhood.

With the deep social penetration of the Brotherhood ideology, it has become hard to identify its followers, as it includes well-educated personnel holding respectable positions, with good connections within Germany and the world over.

BfV considers the acts of Egypt-based organisation a serious threat to social peace, integrity and harmony of Germany. BfV suggested the government needs to undertake public awareness drives and communications campaigns as a preemptive measure to combat social penetration efforts of Brotherhood. German politicians have also proposed cutting ties with Turkey.


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