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NATO refers on conflicting parties in Libya to return to dialogue



The Secretary-General of NATO named on all parties in Libya to stop fighting and resume political dialogue to be able to resolve the crisis in the country .

Jens Stoltenberg mentioned during a meeting with the UN envoy for Libya , Ghassan Salame , in the Belgian capital Brussels , to talk about the latest developments in the security situation in Libya , based on Anadolu Agency .

Stoltenberg said that the armed clashes in Libya deepened the injuries of the Libyan people feeling that the military approach is not the answer for handling the current crisis . He stated his concern about the situation in Libya , calling on the parties to the table of discussion .

He stated : “the NATO is ready to support the establishment of security institutions in Libya , and we can do so at the request of the Libyan government” .

On 4 April , Libyan Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter launched an attack on Tripoli . Shortly after , Haftar’s forces managed to enter four major cities that shield covering the Libyan capital , namely , Sabratha , Sorman , Gharyan , and Tarhuna.

Haftar’s troupes have also penetrated the southern suburbs of Tripoli though suffering several setbacks as they withdrew in multiple axis and failed to infiltrate the military cordon around the city centre including the headquarters of the government. Since 2011 , Libya continues to be witnessing a struggle for legitimacy and power , which is currently focused between the internationally recognized Government of National Accord and Hafter who leads the army in the east.


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