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NATO Summit Concludes On A Positive Note Despite Mud Slinging



North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Summit

Despite insults by fellow members, the NATO Summit could pull off a commitment to stand united against Russia and be prepared for China’s rise.

From being called delinquent, to being termed as brain dead and then nasty, the partners could put their differences aside and agree to disagree for the sake of each nation’s sovereignty and integrity of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

NATO was established in April 1949 with the sole purpose of standing together against the uprise of Russia and to protect each other’s interest towards this common goal. It is an international alliance that comprises 29 member states from North America and Europe.  

Speaking to the media, NATO’s confident optimistic Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, “We have been able to overcome our disagreements and continue to deliver on our core tasks to protect and defend each other.”

So while the US called out Canada as nasty, and also commented over French President’s bold assertion of NATO going ‘brain dead’, Turkey could be brought back under the umbrella and approve of the military plan to support Baltic states and Poland.

Everything said and done, officials informed the media that important decisions were reached at the end of the summit. This includes an agreement to ensure the security of communications, including new 5G mobile phone networks. The United States wants allies to ban equipment from the world’s biggest telecoms gear maker, Chinese firm Huawei, but none have agreed to adhere to this request.  Britain was conscious to be a good host and did not tilt his decision in favor of the US, owing to the fact Boris Johnson is preparing for the forthcoming British elections.

By the end of it, Macron continued to hold his ground and has been very vocal about the fact that NATO partners need to be transparent and forthcoming when a partner nation goes against the basic grain of the alliance. With Turkey being pushed back, the damage has been controlled. However, the French President has rightly pointed out Turkey’s defiance of going into a military purchase deal with Russia, without the consent of its NATO partners.

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