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Netanyahu Seeks Parliament Protection To Wade Away Corruption Trial



Netanyahu is going to seek immunity via parliament protection, a favour he is entitled.

Netanyahu is going to seek immunity via parliament protection, favor he is entitled.  Just a few hours before the deadline for his application, he made a public statement. This would probably go in his favor and delay the criminal proceedings against him for months together.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the only serving Israeli PM that has continued to be in power for a decade, the repercussions of which can be seen in his political temperament and dealing with issues surrounding Israel. While he has termed his move as a way to protect himself against a political coup, there are reasons to prove that he has been taking expensive favors from influential business tycoons to meet his political agendas.

Under Israeli law, a legislator can seek immunity on numerous grounds that include an argument that the prosecution is not acting in good faith. Netanyahu has used this trump card to save his seat of power.

Had he not raised an alarm, the proceedings would have been set into motion and a decision would have been out by the end of the week. However, with the political deadlock situation in Israel right now, a quick decision by the parliament is also highly unlikely.

The only contender standing against Netanyahu was Benny Gantz. Despite no political experience and vague policies, the former army chief was serious competition but was thrown off balance due to various politically motivated moves that brought Netanyahu back into power, in no time.

In a recent public statement, Gantz has criticized his move as a selfish motive that does not show he is equal to everyone else. Also, recent opinion polls have shown neither Blue and White nor Netanyahu’s Likud party are within easy reach of a governing bloc in parliament in an election now two months away.

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