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New York takes new measures against covid-19 as impact spreads across the nation



New York takes new measures against covid-19 as impact spreads across the nation

On Wednesday, New York City took new strong measures to enforce social distancing and control the spread of the virus, for example, by shutting down streets and requesting people to stop playing basketball and other physical games in broad daylight in parks.

While the pressure of the coronavirus heightened over the United States, Over 30,800 people have tested positive for coronavirus in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed. The state has recorded 285 deaths, and approximately, a large portion of the nations accounted for the diseases.

NY’s new measure to control the coronavirus seems, by all accounts, to be working as the pace of hospitalizations has eased back as of late. The closure of vehicles on roads and social distance has helped control the virus from spreading.

Sports like basketball will be restricted in city parks, first on voluntary as long as residents follow the directions.

New York state governor Andrew Cuomo, in an Albany press briefing, says, “If you lessen the density, you can decrease the spread rapidly,” “we will fight back and survive, and we will tell people across the nation how to do it,” he included, The CNBC News reported.

New York, California, the Washington state and other states, where coronavirus has impacted, experienced a shortage of medical health care facilities.

On Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump announced major federal disaster declarations for Iowa and Louisiana. It released federal funds to assist states and supported in containing the expanding number of cases brought about by the deadly virus. The majorly affected states are Washington, New York, and California.

Louisiana celebrated festival ‘Mardi Gras’ in New Orleans, and many areas recorded a spike in covid-19 cases with 1,388 total infected affirmed cases and 46 deaths reported on Tuesday, as indicated by the Louisiana Department of Health.

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